The Director-General, Lagos Safety Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola has reiterated the commitment Lagos State Government to combating fire incidents in the State, adding that there is a need for concerted efforts by all stakeholders to ensure fire incidents are drastically reduced in Lagos.

Mojola stated this in his address at the 2nd Fire Conference organised by Lagos State Safety Commission, in conjunction with Safety Experts LTD, with the Theme: “Fire Safety Development Plan – A Sustainable Approach”.

Represented at the event by the Director, Policy Standard, Research and Development, Dr. Iyabo Philips, the DG said one of the reasons for organising the Fire Conference was to look for modalities to combat persistent cases of fire that resulted in the loss of lives and property in homes and public buildings.

While noting that dry weather has been identified as the major cause of many fire incidents, he outlined other causes of fire outbreaks to include storage of petrol in homes and markets; careless disposal of cigarette stubs; adulterated fuel surges; petrol tank explosions; illegal electricity and wire connections amongst others.

He informed the participants that Lagos State Safety Commission, as a regulatory agency with the mandate to ensure that no one gets injured during fire incidents, carries out its activities through a proactive process of policy formulation, setting safety standards and carrying out advocacy as well as awareness programmes to promote safety culture in homes and workplace environment.

The DG stated that in line with Occupational Safety and Health Acts, employers are mandated to provide proper firefighting equipment such as fire alarm panels, fire extinguishers, fire dampers, fire hydrants as well as ensuring appropriate fire evacuation plans by having designated fire exits and emergency escape routes for safety of their employees.

He urged participants and Chief Executives to promote the development of a strategy of safety culture through the application of technology to enhance risk management and promote best practice in Occupational Health and Safety Management within the environment.

CEO Safety Experts, Mrs. Debby Windele, in her opening remarks, called on the government to provide more fire stations across the State and advocated for cultural reactions to fire incidents and sensitisation, adding that individuals and corporate organisations should adhere to safety rules.

Dr. Oyet Gogomary, another Safety Expert, said poor maintenance culture, gas leakages, overheating, oil spills and inadequate planning are some of the causes of fire incidents, stressing that the installation of thunder lightning arrestors, regular, tough and adequate maintenance culture, use of caution signs, switching off electrical appliances when not in use are some of the safety measures we must all imbibe.

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