The Lagos State Government has urged workers in the public and private organization to maintain health and safety precautions following the outbreaks of Covid-19 pandemic.
This was said by the Director General, Safety Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola while declaring that letters had been sent to various workplaces, financial organizations and manufacturing companies across the State to sensitize and ensure workers in their employment maintain safety precautions to combat and overcome the pandemic.
According to him, “it has become imperative to inform organization across the state to ensure that additional measures are put in place in line with the directives of the Lagos State Governor to limit the transmission of the virus”.
The highlight of the guidelines to keep safe include the following: 
i. Encourage non- essential employees (marketers, contract staff e.t.c) to work from home
ii. Enforce  restriction on the gathering of not  more than 25 people as the virus spreads rapidly in enclosed spaces.
iii. Encourage the use of alternative channels of banking to limit the number of walk in customers across various branches.
iv. Promote personal hygiene by providing water, soaps and alcohol based sanitizers.
v. Staff with coughs and fever should be advised to isolate self at home.
vi. Clean and disinfects objects and surfaces (counters) touched regularly.
vii. Vulnerable or elderly employees with underlying challenges should be advised to stay at home.
viii. Encourage and practice social distances of at least 2 meters from next person(s).
ix. Call toll free lines no(s): 0800CORONA or 0800267662 in event of suspected cases if required.
To report gatherings of more than 25 people, please call the following numbers: 0802 3879771 or 0803 492 6309 

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