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The Lagos State Government has advocated the safe conversion of petrol for domestic use in the wake of the subsidy removal leading to the increase in the price of petrol in the State and Country at large.

A release by the Director-General of Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola, said Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s administration is committed to ensuring the safety of lives and properties of residents in the State, as such it is necessary to warn all citizens on the need to be cautious in converting their petrol generators in homes and offices to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) generators to minimise cost.

He stated that powering generators and plants with alternative fuels like LPG or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) offers several benefits just as it comes with concomitant issues that need to be managed so as to forestall untoward from happening. 

Mojola said the primary advantage of using CNG and LPG is that both are generally cheaper than petrol, offering potential cost savings over the long term. CNG and LPG fuels are also cleaner and do not contaminate the air as much as petrol and diesel do.

His words: “Natural Gas and LPG are often more abundant and domestically sourced in certain regions compared to petrol. This can provide greater fuel availability and independence from fluctuations in petrol prices or supply disruptions”.

“CNG and LPG combustion produces less noise compared to petrol. This results in quieter generator operation, which can be beneficial for residential use and minimise noise pollution”.

He, however, listed the hazards and risks inherent in the conversion to the use of LPG-powered generators at homes and offices as – Spark or heat from the generator can cause a fire outbreak; An explosion could occur if the generator house is not properly ventilated; LPG has potential for explosions if not properly handled and the risk of gas cylinders falling down and releasing its content if not placed on even flooring.

Others are: Corrosion of gas cylinders can occur when left in the rain or in a humid environment; Exposure to direct sunlight can expose cylinders to excessive temperature with an attendant risk of explosion; Poor installation of the hybrid carburettors on generators can increase the risks of an accident; Use of CNG should be discouraged for household generating sets, and Use of sub-standard, dilapidated or expired cylinders substantially increases risks of a gas explosion.

In her contribution, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ms. Shola Shasore said that it is important to note that converting a petrol generator to use alternative and less expensive fuels may require modifications and the installation of appropriate conversion kits by qualified professionals

Shasore said, “The general public is hereby advised to engage ONLY qualified technicians for this service. When in doubt, please contact the Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources or Lagos State Safety Commission for guidance on professional vendors and installation as well as appropriate safety guidelines”.

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