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The Lagos State Safety Commission has taken another decisive action to ensure public safety by sealing 19 Bars and Lounges that repeatedly failed to comply with basic safety standards.

The Director-General of the Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola stated that despite numerous notices and ample opportunities for some of these establishments to submit their Safety Management Systems, and rectify identified safety infractions, the recalcitrant operators failed to comply.

While listing some of the establishments shut to include Indigo Bar, Mantra Lagos, Taboo Lagos, Slice Lagos, Tulip Lounge, Farm City and Rumours Night Club amongst others, he pointed out that it has become imperative to enforce safety standards for compliance while the facilities remain shut until conformity is achieved. 

Mojola averred that the decision to close down these restaurants, bars, lounges and nightclubs is to guarantee that the establishments function within the framework of already established guidelines.

Whilst emphasising the significance of these establishments to the vibrant nightlife and entertainment culture of Lagos, the Director-General declared that the safety of the citizenry is non-negotiable, saying the Safety Commission will continue to conduct routine inspections to ensure that safety is upheld across all sectors within the state. 

Mojola also enjoined the well-meaning public to escalate any safety infractions across public facilities in the State to 08181002233 or 07000SAFETY.

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