Lagos State Safety Commission



To proactively make safety a lifestyle in Lagos State, a world-class city, and maintain the leading change.


To develop policies and strategies that will build a sustainable safety culture through a regulated and coordinated safety system.

The Lagos State Safety Commission was inaugurated on the 5th of May 2009 as an office of Public Safety under the Ministry of Special Duties to set safety standards for all sectors involved in the socio-economic activities in the state. The issue of safety is a critical tool for the development and protection of valued lives as well as property. The quantum of precious lives wasted on a daily basis simply because people do not bother about taking simple precautions and passing the same to family and friends. Ordinary acts such as placing warning signs at construction sites, removing banana peel where it can slide, making sure electronic appliances are well secured from children could save precious lives. Issuance or withdrawal of overall safety compliance certificate at all levels rests with the commission.

It was signed into law on 26th of July 2011 as full fledged Lagos State Safety Commission and subsequently began operations. The need for the establishment of the commission was borne out of the dream to build a society that values life through a change in unsafe behavior  and attitude that would increase life expectancy, national productivity and ultimately improve life quality, reduce poverty, accidents and injury, illnesses and diseases, enhance conducive environment for investment and business continuity.

The Commission kicked off with interactions with relevant stakeholders, raising consciousness on safety issues and obtaining their views through safety sensitization and public awareness in all the five divisions in the state in the year 2009.


Block 18 B, 2nd & 3rd floor, The Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja.

Tel 08181002233

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