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Lagos State Safety Commission has commenced a sensitization/Advocacy programme for food handlers and vendors at the grassroots area to prevent accidents and incidents resulting from improper food handling.

Speaking at the flag-off of the programme, the Director-General of the Commission, Mr. Hakeem Dickson, stated that proper food handling is an essential aspect of our daily lives, but was not being given necessary attention.

He explained that the present administration is deeply concerned about the safety of the people, particularly when it comes to food, adding that the average man on the street usually buys ready-to-eat-food from vendors without the assurance that such food was hygienically prepared or handled.

At the sensitization programme held at Ojo Local Government Secretariat, Dickson explained that the programme was brought to the area following its large population and for housing many low-income earners.

The seminar enlightened participants on healthy methods of food handling, safe methods of food presentation and distribution as well as how to serve food in a hygienic manner.

Food handlers and vendors were also advised to certify their health status by going for medical checkup regularly to prevent transmitting diseases to their clients.

The Safety Commission plans to spread the advocacy initiative across the State to improve the quality of life of the people and prevent accident arising from improper food handling.

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