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The Lagos State Safety Commission, as a proactive agency, has consistently carried out safety sensitization and advocacy programmes across all sectors in order to ensure adequate awareness. All these in a bid to bring safety to the consciousness of the public.

INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON FLAMABLE MATERIALS – Organized by the Commission to enlighten stakeholders on precautionary and preventive measures to take in order to drastically reduce industrial chemical hazards.

IVESTIGATION OF HONGXING INCIDENT – The Safety Commission went on an investigation/open conference of a steel processing company (HongXing) where the case of an employee injured by molten steel while at work

FIRE PREVENTION DESIGN AND EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION – The programme was organized by the Lagos State Safety Commission for members of the public on wellness and ergonomics, fire prevention, emergency preparedness, safety during rainy season and general safety tips.

LAGOS VISION ZERO CONFERENCE 2018- The Lagos Vision Zero Conference was organized by the Lagos State Safety Commission to propagate a mindset change towards zero harm, injury, accident and death at the workplace.

HOTELS/HOSPITALITY STAKEHOLDERS MEETING – Meeting of stakeholders in the Hotel/Hospitality Industry in the light of alarming incidents such as grievous injury, death and colossal loss of lives and property which could have been avoided if adequate measures were put in place by operator in the hospitality  business.

SAFETY SENSITIZATION ON BUILDING COLLAPSE PREVENTION- The Commission in conjunction with the Building Collapse Prevention Guild organized a workshop for Stakeholders in the built industry to sensitize them on the safest means of building.

LAGOS STATE PETROLEUM MARKETERS SAFETY CONFERENCE 2018- The Lagos State safety Commission as a proactive agency, was part of the 2 day Conference which was organized to address the issue of safety in the Petroleum Marketing sector.

SAFETY SENSITIZATION ACROSS MDAS IN THE STATE- The Commission has since the beginning of the year, embarked on safety sensitization of all Ministries, Departments and Agencies across the State to ensure awareness about safety in the workplace.

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