The Director General, Lagos State Safety Commission, Lanre Mojola, has appealed to residents of Lagos to be safety conscious and protect themselves against the outbreak of Coronavirus and other airborne diseases.

He spoke during a sensitisation visit to Kairo Market in Oshodi, on the need for traders to be more health and safety conscious as regards the outbreak and possible spread of the deadly virus.

Mojola said that Coronavirus is transmittable through coughing, sneezing and touching infected objects or person (s) and then touching one’s eyes, nose and mouth, adding that some of the symptoms of the virus included running nose, sore throat, fever, headache, shortness of breath and chest pain.

“We and our team are in this market to sensitize market men and women on the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus and preventive measures to take to curtail the outbreak. All of us know that only healthy citizens could be able to transact business in this market environment, hence the need to come at the right to preach what our government wants for every citizens of the state. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu want all  of us to be healthy, so we need to be hygienic too to remain healthy at all times”, Mojola said.

He, however, advised that for the residents to remain healthy and avoid contacting the disease and any diseases whatsoever, they should ensure they wash their hands after using the toilet, sneezing or coughing, playing with pets or sporting, before and after eating, just as he also emphasized the need for residents of the state to imbibe the habit of regular hand washing with soap and water as well as take lots of fruits to build immunity against Coronavirus disease now known as Covid-19.

“Also, you have to imbibe the spirit of regular hand washing with soap and water as well as lots of fruits intake to build immunity against Coronavirus disease now known as Covid-19,” he said

He advocated for use of hand sanitizers and keeping a safe distance from someone coughing or sneezing, adding that people with any of these symptoms should desist from self medication and report to government hospitals for free medical checks and treatment if required.

Mojola said market sanitation was a critical factor in protecting the health of residents, and that the government would do everything possible to ensure hygiene in markets across the State in line with the Health and Environment component of the THEMES Agenda of the present administration.

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